• Da Ford Man


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  • Alexthepitboss

    Friends and User Edit

    November 29, 2010 by Alexthepitboss

    Everyone should edit there user and make a friends that are yours!Look at mine for an example.

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  • Sgt Viktor Reznov

    Off-Topic Blog

    November 29, 2010 by Sgt Viktor Reznov

    If it doesn't belong anywhere else it belongs here.

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  • TheSandwichOven

    The employee blog

    November 28, 2010 by TheSandwichOven

    This blog will be used when you want to relax. Chat about whatever, watch the videos on this page, and other stuff. Just remember. Don't come here too much. This is still a wiki after all.

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  • Speical ops genral minigun

    i am assembling team awesome dynamite to make this wiki as advanced as the Call of Duty wiki I will let teams of 1 to choose what to do.


    1. Templates Sgt. Viktor Reznov
    2. infoboxes
    3. welcome boxes
    4. my assistant (more fun then it seems gets to do special things with me) Sniperteam82308
    5. special pages (help pages,voting pages etc.)
    6. anti vandal group Sgt.Sandwich
    7. advertisement Alex the pit boss
    8. page research improvement Speical ops genral minigun
    9. medals (ill give you the list)

    (Let me know if there is any thing else)

    the reward for volunteering and doing the job is roll back

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  • Alexthepitboss


    November 28, 2010 by Alexthepitboss

    Do you think they will have mods in CoD:MW3?

    Alexthepitboss (da boss) 02:36, November 28, 2010 (UTC)

    Shut up and eat the TACO!!!

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  • TheSandwichOven

    It's been about a week or two since this wiki started, but we haven't done much as of late. Sure, we have a few articles, but the majority of them are barebones and thus, we have to start working more. Remember, this is a wiki, we are supposed to have info on the things we are focused on (Mods) and not just chat all the time. Also, there is a extreme lack of admins, bureaucrats and just plain regular users on the wiki. Thanks for reading and lets strive to improve!

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